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The Summer Secret to Flawless Legs

Written by - Bluebella

Think hosiery is just for winter? Think again...

We've got some tips up our sleeves for flawless legs this summer!

We're on the cusp of summer now and if you're anything like us, you'll probably be in full leg Panic Mode! With no holiday in sight yet, countless fake tan disasters and the odd, unexplained bruise (seriously, how do they happen?!), the last thing we want to do as the weather heats up is get our pins out. But, there is a stylish secret that has been going around the celeb circles for a while now that we want to let you in on... and it's the nod to the Nude.

Nude hosiery is a must-have lingerie staple and is often the reason why you'll see so many of your favourite celebs strutting their stuff with super smooth and shiny legs. With our new hosiery collection launching recently, we give you the low down on how to get A-List looking legs in seconds and why you should consider going nude...

Make-up addict? The biggest reason that many women opt for Nude hosiery is because it's essentially make-up for your legs! Pulling them over your legs immediately creates the illusion of smooth skin and glowing colour, so you don't have to worry about whether you've moisturised or whether your fake tan has run. Ariana Grande is a big fan of them and is regularly spotted in them along with her trademark skirts or shorts.

Worried that people will know you're wearing tights? You needn't be because a good quality Nude hue is just as good as your bare legs. The key is to wearing tights as close to your skin tone as possible and choosing subtly shiny styles that give a gentle shimmer as you walk along. Beyonce is a fan whilst she's on stage although we bet you wouldn't have guessed it if we hadn't of told you!

Another reason why they are a woman's secret weapon is that they give you the confidence to wear short summer styles without having to worry about anything being exposed. Plus, while everyone else is battling with the awkward British weather and either keeping hold on their thick winter tights or just simply not daring to get their pins out, those who opt for Nude colours can beat the transitional weather with ease and look summer ready without the pain!

The Duchess is regularly cited as being the comeback Queen for skin-coloured tights - she's an avid wearer of them and it's clear to see why as her legs always look super smooth and incredibly healthy. Especially for more formal occasions, such as weddings, Nude hosiery can be a saviour because they give your legs instant uplift without any of the hassle.

Check them out...

Persuaded? Check out our exclusive collection right here! Happy strutting...

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