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Bluebella's Coachella Chica - Ashley James

Written by - Bluebella
Festival season has begun with the infamous sun-drenched fash' fest in the Californian heat, and we had our very own Coachella chica on the scene!
One half of Bittersweet DJs, presenter and ex-MIC star Ashley James was hand in hand with Bluebella throughout the craziness of the Coachella ride.
We caught up with Ashley between the likes of Drake and Kendrick Lamar on how she built her DJ career plus her hot tips for summer's hottest beats. Soak it in like the California heat and prepare to impress your friends with your music mastery...!
Ashley James in Tara Bra and Brief
Get your hands in the air for the Tara Bra and Brief
How did you get into DJing?
I've always been passionate about music, and controlling of the music at any house parties I went to, so I took some lessons and found my favourite hobby. I now DJ as a duo with my best friend and fellow presenter Charlotte de Carle under the name BitterSweet DJs.
What kind of tunes do you spin?
I'm really into hip hop, r&b, and grime, both new and old, from Missy Elliot, to J Hus and Giggs. It depends on the crowd though, I tend to vibe off the audience, so every gig is different.
What’s it like working with your best mate?
It's a dream! I can't believe our hobby has turned into a job and we get to travel the world together.
Ashley James in Milla Body
Wild and free at Joshua Tree in the Milla Body
What’s been your best gig ever?
I always remember our first gig as a duo in our local pub. No one danced but it was such a scary and big milestone for us. Also the Global Gift Gala is a highlight. Most recently we played in the Teatro in Madrid to a crowd including Eva Longoria; it's the second time the Teatro has been used for a private event, the first was for the Queen!
What’s been your worst gig ever?
Well, there has been gigs where we've turned up and the equipment hasn't worked! But honestly I don't think you can have a bad gig in terms of experience as you just learn and get better.
What’s your top tip for this summer’s hottest track?
I'm a huge fan of the Calvin Harris track with Migos and Frank Ocean. I listen to it over and over!
Who is your favourite DJ?
Charlotte of course! No, in all seriousness I'm in awe of loads of DJs. Calvin Harris and Chase & Status are both legendary live.
Which festivals will you be visiting this summer?
Well I'm currently writing this from Coachella, which is one that's been on my bucket list for years. Glastonbury and Wireless are definitely happening this year - Wireless is literally my dream lineup. And we're going out to Fresh Island Festival in Croatia!
Ashley James in Jamie Tee
Palm trees, lights and Jamie Tee - we got Coachella on lock down
Any advice for budding bedroom DJs out there?
Just keep practicing and put your mixes online as you never know who might listen! Don't be afraid to take jobs where you can get them (even in your local pub), as the more you put yourself out there the most likely you are to get booked!
Ashley James in Isabella Chemise
Enjoying the calm before the storm in Isabella Chemise
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