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Bluebella's Gift Guide

Written by - Bluebella

It's that time of the year again - everyone is looking for the best and the most special gift to give. And what could be better or more special than Bluebella?!

We've got lingerie and nightwear for everyone so sit back, relax and find the perfect gift for your special someone.

The fashionistas in your life will want something that they will not only love, but will also be able to show off.

The gorgeous fabrics of Morgan, Cassia and Laine are made to be displayed, while Esme, Shiloh and Gia have delicate details that are a sensual addition to any outfit.

Looking for something flirty but delicate, that your friends will love? Look no further...

Our Georgia Chemise and Sephy Teddy are a perfect match for the girls that love the Nightwear as outerwear look.

Zoe and Jamie for that party friend that won't even bother going to bed at the end of a good night. What better way to spend it than in your new fave PJs?

And Reese and the Bow Back Knicker for the flirty and stylish friend.

The classy look will please all mums that look for both comfort and style in their nightwear.

Valentina, Odele and Sephy can be paired with the Valentina Bra and Brief for the complete look. Why not throw in a kimono? Because who doesn't love flowy sheer gorgeousness to wrap themselves in?!

These are for that special someone, for the daring ladies who will love wearing these sets as a treat to themselves.

Emerson in a delectable red for that pop of colour, or the Body Bow both make great gifts to them but also make them feel special. Nova is a classic, of course to be gifted as a set, each piece is as delectable as the previous one. Felicity and Coco bodies are perfect as outfit add ons that can be shown off.

For those of us who love to lounge in style; PJs are no longer boring and limited to a couple of options. Chemises such as Valentina, Etienne, Jessica and Ella stylishly wrap around you while giving you comfort. While Celeste and Claudia combine the comfort of the trousers with the on trend style of the shirt.

And of course don't forget to gift the most important person in your life. YOURSELF. Treat yourself to a stunning piece that will inspire others to gift you even more gorgeous Bluebella styles.

Something to add on to your classic Bluebella collection - grab the Peyton, Angelina or Caterina to compliment your other pieces.

Or go all out with Fleur, Ella or Emily. Perfect for lace detailing that will look gorgeous while wrapping around your body.

And if you are still unsure our Gifting Collection is here to help

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