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Bluebella - Sustainability

Every step we take – from initiatives in our Head Office, such as our active diversity committee, to our supply chain factories, to the wider community we work in - before we take a step, we do our utmost to make sure it’s a step in the right direction. A step that looks after the Bluebella community and the planet.

We don’t always get it right, but we are committed to making a difference, and are constantly working towards a more sustainable and ethical way of life for everyone.

Here is where we are so far.

Bluebella - Trading Ethically and Responsibly


  • Vertical production – Bluebella product is sourced and produced in one country – which reduces the need to transport fabric or componentry – reducing carbon emissions
  • All our cotton is organic cotton
  • We have designed new ranges into our Autumn/Winter 2021 collection that contain eco and sustainable fabrics. Our priority in the coming seasons will be to increase the percentage of sustainable ranges
  • Garment care labels will be produced using recycled and recyclable fabric from Spring/Summer 2021
  • We reduce wastage by limiting our sampling requirements
  • Actively look for ways to cross utilise base fabrics across ranges
  • Sourcing fabrics from externally audited suppliers
  • Our end of season samples are donated to charities
  • Two new shades of skin tone hosiery coming in early Summer 2021 – Caramel and Berry


  • Our factories are audited each year by 3rd party external audits
  • They adhere to the Modern Slavery Act
  • They contractually sign up to the Bluebella Ethical Trading Policy
  • Our audits and code of conduct ensure workers are paid a fair living wage
  • We are a member of Sedex – empowering responsible supply chains
  • We work with suppliers who share our values and environmental ethos


  • Mailer Bags - recyclable - Always looking for ways to improve – even when a product is recyclable - We will introduce in early 2021, a paper-based mailer bag which is easily and fully recyclable
  • Mailer Boxes – recyclable
  • Gift Wrap Packaging - recyclable
  • In Parcel Marketing Leaflets - recyclable
  • Garment Poly Bags – Autumn 2020 – introduction of a recyclable poly bag. This is a temporary step in the right direction, our aim is to remove all poly packaging and only use sustainable tissue to protect product.

Carbon Footprint

  • Look to source from the UK across the business – our new paper-based mailer bags – introduced from early 2021 are manufactured in the UK
  • Concise management of our logistics operation to reduce the number of deliveries to our warehouse
  • Encourage our customers – through our wash care labels – to wash at cooler temperatures
  • Ensure that when our team have to fly on business, they use their time away productively and effectively and only fly when a physical presence is absolutely necessary 
  • We are exploring ways to offset the carbon footprint of every parcel we send out from our warehouse – our aim is to have this in place by early 2021

Head Office

  • Cut down printing – sometimes you need a paper copy – but everyone is reminded to ‘stop and think – before you print!
  • Look Books and Line Sheets – We limit our commercial printing and actively encourage the use of online materials
  • Monthly team meetings to assess progress and how we can improve sustainability in the workplace
  • Encourage reusable water bottles – filtered tap water readily available
  • Recycling bins given prominent office space – think before you bin it
  • We use eco-friendly products within the office
  • Merit plants – sustainable wins by our team are rewarded with real life plants for their desks
  • We even moved our office to make it easier for our team to walk or cycle to work! 

The Future is Female

  • Female CEO and Founder
  • Female Brand Director
  • Board members – 66% Female
  • All female senior management team 


  • We donate to UK and global charities such as Beam, Rainn and WGEP
  • We provide product donations to higher education establishments for charity fashion shows
  • We encourage the Bluebella Head Office team to take part in volunteer days – and give holiday days in lieu in return