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Written by - Bluebella


The sun is out in full force and after some of the hottest days ever recorded for July, we're thirsty for some summer cocktails!

There's nothing quite more satisfying than sipping away at an ice-cold drink in the heat of summer, whether it be in the companion of a good book in the garden or in the gaggle of your best friends at the pub. Here at Bluebella HQ, one of our favourite tipples has to go to the humble cocktail – refreshing, full of flavour and never boring. Here's our rundown on how to get your hands on the best cocktails around whether you're staying in or heading out.


Nobody can deny that Britain's prosecco obsession has swept the nation over the past year but how can you change it up and impress the girls when they're round for dinner? The Metro has some amazing but simple recipes, including our favourite Pomegranate & Grapefruit Prosecco Sparkler. Pour 15ml of fresh pomegranate juice and 15ml of freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice into a glass, stir. Then, transfer that into a champagne flute and top with prosecco. Add a grapefruit slice and some pomegranate seeds to garnish and there you go! An easy win to serve your friends something special.

Source : Metro


Partial to a bit of Gin? Look no further than Bloom Gin, the mastermind of distiller Joanne Moore – the world's first master female distiller and still one of the very few. Inspired by the English countryside, it has a light and fresh flavour with hints of honeysuckle, chamomile and juniper. In a quintessentially British fashion, the best way to enjoy Bloom is to pour a measure over ice, add a handful of quartered British strawberries and top off with refreshing tonic water. The ideal mid-week evening treat!

Source : Bloom Gin


Speaking of the industry's top females, female mixologists are on the rise in the UK. Even though they only make up 25% of the bar tending population, some of the most talented women are fast making a name for themselves. Dee Davies at Bristol's Hyde & Co recently won a national competition organised by Diageo and will soon see her own spirit hit the shelves soon. In London, one of the most talked about female mixologist masters is Mimi Lorandova who knocks up amazing creations at Covent Garden's Hawskmoor Seven Dials. If you're heading there, her signature is the Bohemian Swizzle.

Source : Stylist


Feeling like you want to be super healthy? Just around the corner from Bluebella HQ is Tanya's Café in Chelsea. It's a new superfood restaurant and cocktail bar that specialises in organic spirits, superfoods and cold-pressed juices. The team carefully construct cocktails with ingredients like walnut infused vodka, chia seeds and beetroot. There's also a cocktail made out of sweet potato too! Intrigued? Even if you're not a huge superfood foodie, if you're in the area it's worth popping in for to experience a truly original cocktail!

Source : Better Raw


Not hitting the booze? There are plenty of amazing alcohol-free cocktails that are crammed so full of flavour, you won't even notice there's no alcohol in them! Stylist magazine did a great round up of all the best non-tipple tipples, which include ones like Cocoa Peanut Butter Smoothie (not sure on that one!), Thai Iced tea and Turtle Coffee Cocktail. Our favourite though is an ideal one for summer – a delicious and refreshing Cucumber & Lime Mocktail. Combining cucumber, mint, sugar, ice and soda and you have the perfect treat. The full recipe is here.

Source : Stylist

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