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The IDEA Committee

Inclusivity, Diversity, Equality, Action

Bluebella is committed to using its platform and voice to create actions that make a real and lasting impact in promoting Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equality.

Our mission is:

  • To utilise our platform and privilege to raise awareness, celebrate differences and challenge stereotypes.
  • To further our empathy, our compassion, and our understanding to create a supportive and empowering culture and voice.
  • To ensure equal opportunity internally and externally for all.
  • To never discriminate nor judge.
  • To create products that make everyone feel strong and beautiful.
  • To always continue to learn from each other, our community and customers.
We have created an INCLUSIVITY, DIVERSITY, EQUALITY, ACTION (IDEA) committee, made up of Bluebella CEO Emily Bendell and a group of motivated employees. We meet regularly to reflect, challenge, discuss, share, and devise real actions to promote our mission. We realise our mission is ambitious, and that we are just beginning, we welcome all suggestions and feedback.

Please e-mail