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Bluebella's Ultimate Summer Hair Guide

Written by - Bluebella

Summer's Must Have Hair Trends

Feeling like you want a mid-season spruce up? We've rounded up summer's hottest hair trends so you don't have to...

Whether you've got long or short hair, keeping up to date with the latest 'dos can be tricky. Here's our definitve list of what's hot right now because, after all, your hair style is what you wear every single day!

Braid It

Everyone's talking about the braid this summer. Whether it's the French or the Fishtail, it's an elegant and easy(ish!) look to achieve. If you're blessed with luscious long locks then it will be easier to achieve. We love this look from Erdem - it's a sleek 'n' straight pony plait with no messing. Pull tight plaits together and tie with a tight bobble, finishing off with hair spray to lock it in place.

Picture Credit:

Boho Babe

Seen as though the Seventies is in full swing, it's no wonder that boho style locks have been seen in full swing on the beauty circuit, too. Ultra easy no matter what your length is, simply take up half of your hair and put into a casual half-pony. Tousle up the rest of your hair with some texture spray and you've got an on-trend retro look in minutes.

Picture Credit:

Rainbow Locks

Fancy a complete new look like Georgia May Jagger? Rainbow hair is currently making waves thanks to East London's BLEACH salon, the pioneers of pastel coloured hair. If you're brave enough, you can emulate it yourself at home by grabbing BLEACH's Hair Crayons and literally drawing on the colour into your hair (it washes out). Fun but how it'll turn out we can't guarantee!

Picture Credit:

Top Knot

According to Elle UK, THE hair style every cool gal is wearing at the moment is in fact the humble top knot. Loved by Margot Robbie, The Olsens and Gigi Hadid, the knot has actually been coined 'The Hun' as 2015's take on it is a half-up bun style. Simply grab the hair like in 'Boho Babe' but this time twist the top half onto the top of your head to form a bun, grabbing some Kirby grips to keep it in place!

Picture Credit:

Split Hair

Another eye-popping colour trend for you - this time it's called 'Split Hair' and no, it's not those pesky dead ends we're talking about. This is actually hair speak for dying one side of your hair one colour, and the other side of your parting another. With coloured hair taking the world by storm, this is definitely the approach to take if you want to stay one step ahead!

Picture Credit:

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