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Alyssa: the gift that keeps on giving...

Written by - Bluebella

Alyssa, the open bra set that's taking the world by storm

Bringing you the risqué bra that captured the media’s imagination and turned a lot of heads earlier this year… Bluebella are delighted to announce that our bestselling ‘Body Bow’ Alyssa bra and brief set is back in stock - giftin’ you the chance to become a dreamy gift, be it for yourselves or a lucky someone.
Our Alyssa bra was so hotly discussed in the media that it led the Daily Mail to ask ‘Is this the most risque lingerie set EVER?’. The Alyssa bra caused such a sensation both in the press and in shopping trolleys globally, that we were struggling to keep up with its popularity.
So we’re feeling very pleased to be able to give any disappointed fans that didn’t manage to nab one on time the best gift of all… the news that the Alyssa bra set is back by popular demand!
The bra, which seductively unties like a ribbon-clad gift, also had TFL and black cab drivers across London extremely hot under the collar earlier this year when our adverts were considered too hot for the public-eye. We do understand that perhaps smokin’ ladies unwrapping their bras in the big city might have been more than just a little distracting to pedestrians and commuters…
Alyssa Open Bow Bra and Brief Set
Alyssa Open Bow Bra and Brief Set
It didn’t stop our Alyssa bra from becoming a hit amongst not just the media but also Cupid’s Valentine’s gift-givers, after we launched it as our own special and seductive V-day gift to our gorgeous and adventurous fans. As it turned out, this Valentine’s we weren’t alone in wanting to forget about boring and cliched gifts and embrace the idea of ourselves as being the real gifts instead. We wanted to create a piece of fashionable lingerie that reflected this, and voila, the Alyssa bra was born.
Bluebella Alyssa Open Bow Bra and Brief Set Black Gift
Our Alyssa bra, dubbed as bringing ‘burlesque to the bedroom’, allows its wearers to either wrap up or unwrap themselves as they please, in celebration of the fine gift of sweet feminine beauty. The delicate and supple chiffon fabric gives the bra a chic touch, making it the perfect way to teeter on the line between extraordinarily sexy and cheeky.
Bluebella Alyssa Open Bow Bra and Brief Set Black Gift
So whether you choose to wear the Alyssa ‘Body Bow’ bra as a gift to yourself, or as a surprise gift for that special someone, you are sure to feel extremely sexy and sultry all wrapped up…or completely unwrapped. It’s up to you. But whichever way you decide, just remember that TFL have already confirmed that you will look traffic-stoppingly stunning.
What better gift could you want to give yourself?
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